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Whole Bean Coffee

  • Brazil


    Flavor Notes: Nutty, Chocolate, Sweet Processing: Natural/ Dry Processed Elevation: 1100m Farm Information: Mogiana Eagle is made from top lots produced in the Alta Mogiana region. The selected lots of individual farms and processed to...

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  • Mexico


    Flavor Notes: Honey, apple butter, and pecan Processing: Fully Washed  Variety: Typical/Bourbon Elevation: 1100 m – 1300 m Region: Coatepec Veracruz   Preferred Brew Method: V60 pour-over

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  • Ouachita Blend

    Ouachita Blend

    Flavor Notes: Dark Cherry, Chocolate, Sweet Pecan Processing: Blend of Natural Coffee Elevation 1100m-2200m Information: Ouachita is RMC’s espresso blend. This coffee is also a blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Brazil Mogiana...

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  • Pinnacle Blend

    Pinnacle Blend

    Flavor Notes: Sweet Toffee, Brown Sugar, Pecan Processing: Blend of Natural Coffee Elevation: 1100m-2200m Farm Information: Pinnacle is RMC’s house blend. This coffee is a blend of our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and our Brazil Mogiana...

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